Take Control of Your
Marketing Technology

Whether you need to walk the walk or talk the talk, Marketing Tech Guide can help you master the skills and join the most successful businesses in their use of technology to increase profits.

Courses built to help your business

Our courses are tailored to business owners and those who help them accomplish their goals. We provide high level content for decision makers, explaining why something needs to be done and how to build a strategy around it, as well as in the weeds training for those who will be making it all happen.

If you have a team or if it's you doing it all, Marketing Tech Guide can help.

Grant Chandler
Owner & Instructor

What We Value

  • Explaining the “Why”

    We make sure to "connect-the-dots" on tough concepts to help you understand the meaning in your context. 

  • We're Approachable

    There is a lot of jargon in both marketing and technology. We'll do our best to not make assumptions and make this as accessible as possible. 

  • Learn from the Professionals

    Our instructors are professionals in the field. We source our material from real-world experience instead of purely academia.

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