What is Link Building?

Link building refers to the process of acquiring and increasing the number and quality of internal and external links to a webpage—the ultimate goal of this being to improve a webpage’s SEO through this strategy.

Whether your SEO benefits from this or not varies greatly on the quality of links. Some companies used to try to trick Google’s search algorithm into viewing it as a high authority site by getting tons of links to their site from low-quality spammy sources. This does not work, do not do this! Google is smart, and when its search crawlers find the websites trying to cheat the system, they are penalized.

Yes, the relationship between high authority sites and link building is usually positive. The more links, the more credible the source typically is. This only holds true for how natural the link building that happened took place. Don’t stress too much about link building for your site. Let it happen naturally.

However, when you network in person, and naturally, other companies start to link to your site based on the relationship you have with them, that is perfect. Or when your site has such good content that other sites are linking to yours as a reference source, that is excellent too!

Link building is great for building relationships, branding, and sending referral traffic to your site.

There are Three Main Types of Links:

  • Inbound Links (Backlinks) – These types of links are the ones where other companies are linking to your website. These are the most important types of links when it comes to affecting your SEO ranking.
  • Outbound Links – These are the links on your website linking to other sites such as a research source or more in-depth piece of content.
  • Internal Links – These are the links that connect pages within your website to one another. It helps visitors find related content on your site.

Focusing on Improving Inbound Links by Following These Tips:

  • Create interesting, digestible content that engages your readers and aligns with their search intent.
  • Discover good linking candidates such as those linked to your competitor’s website and ask them to link to your site.
  • Get rid of back links to your site, so Google isn’t taking those into account when reviewing your site.

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