What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a website building and hosting software service that contains pre-built website templates and uses drag and drop elements to create and edit web pages easily. The website editor of SquareSpace is simple and allows you to view how the web page will look within the content of your website.

Other website editors like WordPress will require you to flip back and forth between the preview and page editor to see how things are looking. However, you can install a plugin like Beaver Builder to edit WP pages and preview pages without having to toggle between two pages constantly.

WordPress was built how it was for a reason though to be more fundamental and flexible, however, it can feel cluttered and isn’t as polished feeling as Squarespace’s editor.

Squarespace is a closed source platform, which is both a strength and a weakness. This means only Squarespace developers and their select partners can contribute to its platform. Because the entire world is not allowed to contribute to its platform like professionals are on WordPress, there are far fewer plugin options available.

However, the benefit is knowing that all the plugins and themes work, and you don’t need to worry about troubleshooting or bug issues and whatnot. If you don’t mind dealing with incompatibility errors now and then, you’ll love the 50,000+ plugin options and 11,000+ themes options for WordPress.

If you need any unconventional features for your website, don’t use Squarespace. Unconventional features could be randomizing content, creating a social network on your website, or creating Facebook-like previews of links. While Squarespace doesn’t have as many options like WordPress, it’s important to consider what features your website really needs.

Squarespace helps simplify the website building process by giving you fewer options. Where WordPress would give you hundreds of options for a photo gallery plugin that may or may not be compatible with your website, Squarespace will give you one good one that works. As Site Builder Report puts it, “Squarespace covers everything that most websites will need instead of trying to support features that most websites will never need.”

SEO is another important element to consider when choosing a Squarespace website. If a strong SEO is your primary focus for your website, WordPress would be the way to go. However, SquareSpace is becoming more and more comparable to WordPress’s SEO capabilities as the years go by.


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