What is Squarespace?


Squarespace Overview

Squarespace is a popular website building and hosting software service that offers pre-built website templates and drag-and-drop elements for easy web page creation and editing. Its website editor is simple and allows users to preview their web page within the context of their website.

WordPress Comparison

In comparison to other website editors like WordPress, Squarespace offers a simpler approach to website building. WordPress, on the other hand, offers more flexibility and fundamental features, but its editor can feel cluttered and less polished. WordPress requires users to switch back and forth between the preview and page editor to view their changes. However, plugins like Beaver Builder can help users edit WordPress pages and preview pages without toggling between two pages constantly.

Closed Source Platform

One of Squarespace’s strengths and weaknesses is its closed-source platform. Only Squarespace developers and their select partners can contribute to its platform, resulting in fewer plugin options than WordPress. However, this ensures that all plugins and themes are compatible, and users don’t have to worry about troubleshooting or bug issues.

On the other hand, WordPress’s open platform allows professionals worldwide to contribute to its platform, resulting in over 50,000 plugin options and 11,000 theme options. Although it may occasionally cause incompatibility errors, WordPress offers more flexibility and options for unconventional features such as randomizing content or creating a social network on a website.


Squarespace simplifies the website-building process by providing fewer options, covering everything that most websites need instead of trying to support features that most websites will never need. While it may have fewer options than WordPress, Squarespace offers one photo gallery plugin that works, whereas WordPress offers hundreds of options that may or may not be compatible with a website.

If a user needs any unconventional features for their website, Squarespace may not be the best option. Unconventional features could be randomizing content, creating a social network on a website, or creating Facebook-like previews of links. While Squarespace doesn’t have as many options as WordPress, it’s important to consider what features a website really needs.


When choosing a website builder, SEO is another important element to consider. If a strong SEO is a user’s primary focus for their website, WordPress would be the way to go. However, Squarespace’s SEO capabilities are becoming more and more comparable to WordPress’s as the years go by.

As a closed-source platform, Squarespace’s strengths lie in its simplicity and compatibility. However, its limited options may not be suitable for users who need unconventional features. WordPress offers more flexibility and options, but its open platform may result in occasional incompatibility errors. Ultimately, the choice between Squarespace and WordPress depends on a user’s specific needs and priorities.


Squarespace offers a closed-source platform that prioritizes simplicity and compatibility, while still offering enough flexibility to meet most website needs. Ultimately, the choice between website builders depends on a user’s specific priorities and requirements.

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