Marketing Vocab

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Agile is a type of project management often used for software development. Agile management involves customer research to ...
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Adobe Illustrator, Ai for short, is a vector-based program in the Adobe Creative Suite. Unlike Photoshop, which uses ...
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Broadly, analytics is qualitative data and research. It is the tools and thought processes around collecting data points ...
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Back End Development

Back-end development refers to the server-side web application logic that deals with communication between a server, application, and ...
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Art director, Mehemed Fehmy Agha, designed the first full bleed image for a 1930's issue of Vogue magazine. ...
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Card Sorting

Card sorting is a user experience research method where users organize topics into groups on cards, hence the ...
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CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and key(which means black) and refers to the ink colors used in ...
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Content Audit

The process of analyzing and evaluating the elements and information on a website is called a content audit. ...
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Creative Cloud

The Creative Cloud is a collection of all the design applications Adobe provides, like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. ...
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DPI and PPI are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they have different meanings. DPI stands ...
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An EPS file is an encapsulated postscript file type. These types of graphics files most often contain vector ...
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Front End Development

Front-end development deals with the client side of an application where users see and interact with that web ...
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In 1987, GIFs, or Graphical Interface Formats, were created by Compuserve. This new file format produced an ideal ...
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Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a professional who uses design elements like typography, motion graphics, or images to communicate ...
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A grid is a concept in graphic design used for organizing content. It is a structure composed of ...
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High Fidelity Prototype

Once you are far enough along in a project, you can start to put together high fidelity prototypes ...
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Information Architecture

Information architecture refers to the structural design of a website and mobile applications constructed through organizing and labeling ...
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Kerning concentrates on adjusting the space between two specific characters. Characters have various widths, and proportionally distancing them ...
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Keyword Research

Keyword research is a key component of search engine optimization that involves finding search terms or phrases that ...
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Leading, pronounced “ledding”, is a typography term that refers to the space between lines of text and is ...
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Link Building

Link building refers to the process of acquiring and increasing the number and quality of internal and external ...
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Low Fidelity Prototype

A low fidelity prototype is a prototype where you are intentionally making it not look like a final ...
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Marketing is the activities a company does to assist sales and promote the buying or selling of a ...
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Native App

A native application is a software program built in a particular programming language for a certain platform or ...
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Paper Prototype

A paper prototype is a type of lowest of low prototypes when it comes to its fidelity. This ...
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A portable document format is more commonly known as a “PDF.” You’ve undoubtedly experienced a lot of these ...
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Personas are fictional characters created by professionals to represent different users for products, services, websites, or brands. A ...
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PNG stands for portable network graphics. You'll sometimes hear people refer to this common file type as a ...
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In graphic design, a portfolio is used to win clients and projects. It is a culmination of your ...
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A PSD file is an Adobe Photoshop Document. It's the primary file type for anything you create in ...
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Raster Graphics

A raster graphic is  An image that is pixel-based or bitmapped. It is one of the digital design ...
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Sales are the process of promoting and selling goods and services. Being a good salesperson is not easy. ...
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Scamping: The Quick and Simple Way to Bring Your Design Concepts to Life Do you ever struggle to ...
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SEO is short for search engine optimization. It is the process of improving a website to increase the ...
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Site Map

A sitemap is a model that provides information about pages, videos, and other files on your site, such ...
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SquareSpace Squarespace Overview Squarespace is a popular website building and hosting software service that offers pre-built website templates ...
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A scalable vector graphic (SVG) is a vector-based file that can be scaled to any size without losing ...
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Traffic Estimation

How to Do Traffic Estimation Right: Choosing Your Tools & Metrics To Use Simply put, traffic estimation calculates ...
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Typography describes the art of styling and arranging letters, numbers, and symbols to appear in blocks of type ...
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UI stands for user interface; this term encompasses the relationship between people and web and mobile applications. Decisions ...
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User Journey

The term user journey is often used with software and describes the culmination of experiences a person has ...
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The term user experience was coined by Don Norman, founder of the Nielsen Norman Group, in 1993 when ...
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Vector Graphics

Vector graphics are made of paths that consist of thin lines and curves. They are created by drawing ...
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Visual Hierarchy

Hierarchy is a principle of design used to organize a structure of different levels of authority to show ...
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What Does RGB Mean?

RGB is an acronym for red, green, and blue. You can combine these three colors to reproduce a ...
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What is a JPEG?

JPEG is a popular file type for saving space and compressing images, but has limitations and potential quality ...
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A wireframe is a low fidelity prototype that can be created by hand, on a piece of paper ...
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WordPress is an open-source content management system that allows people with little to no web experience to create ...
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